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Nail care for the hands and feet using the advanced OPI range to nourish, strengthen and protect the natural nails.



Including nail shape, exfoliation, cuticle work, pigmentation treatment and lacquer.

Luxury Manicure


A rejuvenating Manicure with the luxury of thermal mittens and moisture masque for the utmost hydrating result.



A replenishing combination of exfoliation, nail tidy, cuticle work and lacquer.

Luxury Pedicure


A relaxing treatment using the 7-step Pedicure by OPI range to include nail tidy, exfoliation, callus softening, cuticle work, masque, massage, finishing cream and lacquer.


Using OPI's new Gelcolor that helps protect the natural nail, enable growth and has a non-chipping glossy finish that lasts up to four weeks.

Two Week Manicure


Including cuticle work, gel polish, scrub and massage.

Gelcolor Pedicure


Including hard skin removal, cuticle work, gel polish and massage.

Gelcolor Express Treatment


Safe removal of Gelcolor


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