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126. 10 monthly touch points to boost retention

Updated: Mar 21

Client retention and connection is important in building, maintaining and running a successful business.

Connecting with clients regularly is crucial for maintaining strong relationships and fostering trust and loyalty.

Here are six reasons why it is important to connect with clients regularly:

1. Building trust:

Regular communication helps establish trust between you and your clients. Trust is essential in any business relationship and is built over time through consistent interactions.

2. Understanding their needs:

By staying in touch with your clients, you can better understand their skincare concerns, preferences, and challenges. This allows you to tailor your product prescriptions and services to better meet their requirements and fulfill their needs.

One of my recent blog posts talks about your ideal persona, but also shares how your can customise your treatments and each clients experience by understanding their needs.

3. Providing support:

Regular communication with clients enables you to offer support when they need it. Whether they have questions, concerns, or issues, being accessible and responsive shows your commitment to their satisfaction.

By providing support I'm talking about the aftercare from the service and treatment time you've provided. We off our clients a total white glove device and wrap around care - it's not just the time in the treatment room. We follow up after their treatments, check in to see how their skin is doing and remind them about specific skincare suggestions.

4. Strengthening loyalty:

Clients are more likely to remain loyal to a business that maintains regular contact with them. By demonstrating that you value their business and care about their success, you can strengthen client loyalty.

Thank them, have loyalty schemes and special treats to show them how much you appreciate their continued loyalty. You can get really creative with this and customise thank you gifts and offers for your top 10 clients.

5. Identifying opportunities:

Regular client interactions can help you uncover new business opportunities, cross-selling or upselling opportunities, or potential areas for collaboration. By staying connected, you can be more proactive in exploring ways to grow your business together.

Let them know when a new product is launching that will benefit their skin, send them a personalised invite to an event or a little note letting them know about a special offer.

6. Gathering feedback:

Regular communication provides an opportunity to gather feedback from clients about their experiences with your products or services. This feedback is valuable for improving your offerings and addressing any issues that may arise. This can be done through your online booking system & also often comes when you reach out to them after their treatment to follow up.

Here are five ways that you can reach out to your clients an offer regular 'touch points' to stay top of mind:

1️⃣ A direct invite to book a treatment - last minute date available, haven't seen you in a while or an upcoming event.

2️⃣ Thank you - a gift for loyalty or recommending a friend. This can be personalised to the individual or a signature gift that your business offers. Orchids have always been the centre of our beauty business so we often give a potted orchid as our gifts.

3️⃣ VIP access to the inner circle - new product launches, trial of new treatments, special discounts or renewals, additional benefits, a bonus... so many options of rewarding your top 10 clients. I like to think of it as customised value added touches - new product or treatment sneak peak.

4️⃣ Community thank you and reciprocity - collaborating with other local businesses - thank you for your referrals and a reminder to use and support your local business network

5️⃣ Create your own community - bespoke programs, guest speakers, and events bring people together and get more eyes on your business within your local community. Offer coffee mornings with themed topics, so many ideas I can share with you. Book a strategy call and we can create curated offers for your business!

Overall, connecting with clients regularly is essential for building strong, long-lasting relationships that benefit both parties involved. It shows your clients that you are invested in their success and willing to go the extra mile to meet their needs.

Thank you for reading, if this was useful please 💖 and share if it could help someone.

Thank you ~ Diana x

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