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137. Suitcase Skin Series - Hayfever Hacks

Springtime welcomes fresh flowers, sunshine and buds on the trees but with nature coming into bloom the pollen count rises and many suffer with hay fever. Yesterday it looked like it was raining out the window, but it was actually a flurry of yellow pollen that left a thin coating on the car!

Several of my clients develop red, itchy eyes, dry and flaky skin along with flushed cheeks this time of year. With the pollen count high it’s understandable the symptoms develop quickly and can cause extreme discomfort.

As many of you know, my goal is to help you put your best face forward and to become your own skin expert. I saw this great little video on Instagram from Dermalogica Singapore about hay fever skincare - 3 of their recommendations to provide comfort to your skin.

My top three tips for treating sensitive skin with confidence:

❤️‍🩹 Help soothe red, flushed skin

Avoid washing your face with hot water. Instead use tepid water and a creamy cleanser to keep skin calm and maintain the moisture barrier. Like intensive moisture cleanser or ultra calming cleanser which are gentle enough to use around the eyes and help to maintain the skins barrier.

❤️‍🩹 Help relieve itchy, flaky skin

Smooth skin gently with a mild powder exfoliant used a couple of times a week. Daily Milkfoliant contains coconut and oats that gently sloughs off dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and soft. For best results, follow with a moisture-rich mask to leave skin soft and dewy, one of my favourites is the melting moisture mask - a leave on mask you can sleep in!

❤️‍🩹 Help protect tight, uncomfortable skin

Up the hydration in your routine with a hyaluronic acid-rich moisturiser. Layer over a barrier restoring gel like calm water gel to comfort and protect the skin from environmental sensitivity.

Top 5 products for treating sensitized skin:

Ultra calming cleanser - so gentle you can tissue it off. Can also be used as a mini masque for the eyes with cold compress or ice globes.

Ultra calming mist - spritz on the skin before moisturising but can be used throughout the day over makeup. It’s also great on sunburn, soothes itchy skin and calms redness.

Calm water gel - can be used as a moisturiser on its own or as a hydration layer under moisturiser for drier skins. Dual phase hyaluronic acid quenches the thirst of top layers and penetrates deeper for more hydrated skin.

Barrier repair - a silicone based moisturiser that protects the skin and helps repair the barrier function to prevent stinging from products penetrating too quickly. There’s also the new stabilising repair cream, which I love!!

Sunscreen - always remember to wear an spf during the day - look for ingredients like zinc oxide - a favourite is invisible physical defense. It’s so gentle it can be used on babies.

If you have questions about your skin or how to adapt your skincare regime this spring, book a skincare consultation online

Thank you for reading ~ Diana x

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