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138. 🩵 Lasting loyalty 🩵

Client loyalty is crucial for any business as it can lead to several benefits such as repeat business, positive word-of-mouth marketing, and increased customer lifetime value.

Building strong relationships with clients can result in their continued support and loyalty, even in the face of competition. People buy people and support brands they align with.

By consistently providing exceptional products and services, addressing client’s needs and concerns, and maintaining open communication, businesses can foster a sense of trust and loyalty among their clients.

Ultimately, client loyalty is a key driver of long-term success and sustainability for any business. For your business to grow and prosper it's important to have a regular client base, here’s our RRRRR’s to building a successful sales machine. Glowgetter Beauty Entrepreneur 101 Podcast Episode 24

💫 Retention

Seven times more expensive to find a new client than maintain existing clients. I’ve written a blog solely dedicated to client retention. 10 ways to boost your client retrention rates.

Monitor your retention rates, which clients rebook regularly, who only visits quarterly and why? Do they have several homes and are only seasonal, are they busy and unable to make selfcare time for themselves? How can you help them, perhaps offer a monthly late night to suit their schedule?

I had a London client that would come straight from the train on a Friday night and I was the beginning of her weekend… a full body massage and facial. I helped her to switch off from the city, to refresh, relax and restore ready to put her best face forward for her family and friends over the weekend.

Rentention marketing helps to keep hold of your existing clients, increase the frequency of their appointments & spend value at each visit. Building a strong relationship enables me to recommend specific facial courses, products and other beneficial treatments.

💫 Rebooking

Check your appointment diary - reach out to clients who haven’t been in for a while. Let them know of last minute availability that’s just appeared this week. Would they like to book in, we’d love to see you!

Ensure you’re rebooking clients each time they finish a treatment with you and before they leave your salon to ensure your column stays full and they’re guaranteed a regular appointment time. Our clients have multiple bookings on our system, they usually book 6-12 months in advance.

That didn’t happen over night, it was conditioned behaviour that we promoted to ensure our calendar was full all year round and that our clients had appointments at times that suited their busy schedules.

💫 Renewals

Over the years we found that certain times of year were a little quiet - often before the festive season and depending on our demographic there were often particular holiday trends.

We found the quiet times were a great time to launch a new treatment or program and host events to boost business during these ‘lull’ periods.

When we launched a new treatment or program there was an introductory offer - a one time only opportunity.

Then the renewal was only offered to the clients who booked the initial launch. The clients that booked the course up front were given the opportunity to continue the launch offer for another cycle, they could be renewed as long as there wasn’t a gap in booking or payment.

Our clients love the VIP service, a service and bespoke opportunity that no one else has available as an opt in because it is only a renewal available for those who said yes during launch, and our loyal clientele are rewarded for their continued support of our business.

💫 Recommendations

How many if you look for your recommendations on social media? Do you ask a friend before looking up where to go or what service to try? This is what helps create brand loyalty to your business… to be the ‘go to’ for your area of expertise.

Little extras like a birthday card, Christmas card or gift, personalised thank you note or get well soon package all help you stay front of mind when clients are recommended ding their best beauty therapist.

Today customers want to communicate over more standard platforms like live chat, social media and email, but also What's App and Facebook Messenger. - Wix Experts

The result is win-win because clients can reach out in their offered method and receive immediate response. Think credit card companies, online shopping platforms... we all use them

A popular idea is to use WhatsApp, as customers like to feel part of the truce and 'in the know' - Angela Joseph, Dermalogica Training Manager

Think of how many what’s app group you’re part of - shopping network, school year groups, neighbourhood… the list goes on right? These groups give you immediate information and connection, they’re also great as a referral network!

💫 Retail

Having products to recommend and sell are an extension to your business. Multiple streams of income. Everyone needs products, so ensure you’ve got the best product range available to recommend to your clients to compliment the services and treatments you provide.

Offer try & return if they don't like the products with a 30 - day money back guarantee. Speak to your product house to see if they’ll offer you a offer refunds or guarantee within month of purchase that you can extend to your clients to ensure they’re getting the best value, products & professional service in your area!

Our next Beauty Business Bootcamp starts middle of May, you can sign up now to join the party as we deep dive into the 5 R’s of building a sales machine. It’s free to attend and we’ll be live daily at 11:00 Monday to Friday starting 13 May. It would be great to see you there - rsvp via the link above. 🔗

Overall, connecting with clients regularly is essential for building strong, long-lasting relationships that boost both your profits and business reputatuon. It demonstrates to your clients that you are invested in their skincare and wellbeing and willing to go the extra mile to meet their needs.

Thank you for reading, if this was useful please 💖 and share if it could help someone.

Thank you ~ Diana x

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