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147. Summer sun, self tan & spf

Tancream is still my daily go to for a tinted moisturiser and sun protection. Seven years I’ve been using this product daily after meeting the founders and creators by fluke!

Back in 2017, I had just finished setting up and filling the goodie bags for my third Seasonal Skincare Special at Ham Yard Hotel in London, when a lady rushed in asking details about this event that just popped up on her phone when she was checking in on Facebook - it was Katy, the Co-Founder of Tan Cream

Gillian Robson, Diana Richardson and Katy Foxcroft at Soholistic Spa, Ham Yard Hotel.

Katy said my business partner and the lady behind the inspiration for this product is in the Restaurant, come and meet her. Gillian a former swimsuit model, had overcome skin cancer and developed a self tan with sun protection 50, the first combination on the market. The ladies introduced their new product at my event and gave me a sample to try. 

☀️ Day One - I wore it whilst on a 2 hour hike in the California mountains, no sunburn and the gradual tan helped minimise my tan lines whilst protecting my skin. 

☀️ Day Two - I wore Tan Cream to protect my skin on a 22 mile training run for the Chicago marathon. My skin felt soft and the gradual tan gave my skin a natural glow. 

☀️ Seven years on - I use it daily as my tinted moisturiser, it goes on every holiday & is used all over my body all summer long! It’s great for events too, I put a couple layers on and boom - my legs have a natural glow. Katy & Gillian have even been on Dragon’s Den sharing their innovation.

I’m so grateful for this innovation and for the serendipitous meeting. The event was a great spotlight for Tan Cream as well - we had editors from Vogue, Marie Claire and several other industry professionals in attendance that evening!

The pump applicator and light brown cream makes the product easy to apply. The colour gives an instant light bronze sheen to the skin and it helps to see where the product has been rubbed in, it absorbs quickly and protects the skin with water-resistant sun protection. 

Use this product daily to build up a natural glowing tan while protecting the skin from harsh ultra-violet rays. Exfoliate the body with a scrub two to three times a week for soft glowing skin or daily with a buffing cloth to aid natural desquamation. 

If you'd like a personalised skincare prescription, please book a consultation with our advanced skin expert

Thank you for reading, if this was useful please 🩵 and if it could help someone in your network, please share.

Thank you ~ Diana x

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