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148. The Oxford Opportunity ~ Strategic Innovation Program

Updated: May 28

I was so excited and lucky to be accepted by Oxford University to attend SAID business School. A dream come true to have this opportunity!! Thankfully they’re one of the innovative universities (and number one!!) and have started offering an online option to their curriculum. This has opened their doors to students around the world. I’m so fortunate to be accepted onto their Strategic Innovation Program.

I’m half way through my course and absolutely loving it!! Each week they release the next module and we have a deadline to learn, engage with the content and submit our assignments.

Students have enrolled from all over the world - Australia, Japan, Spain, Norway, Sweden, USA, UK, Brazil - what an opportunity to work with and learn from these acclaimed authorities in their industry. Out of 45 students on this course, only 10% of us are from the UK 🤩 wow!!

Business innovation strategy refers to the plan or approach that a company devises to introduce new ideas, processes, products, or services to enhance its competitive position and drive growth.

This strategy involves exploring novel ways to improve operations, engage customers, differentiate from competitors, and adapt to the changing market landscape.

A successful business innovation strategy typically involves a mix of creativity, research, collaboration, and risk-taking to foster a culture of innovation within the organisation and deliver value to customers.

I’m so excited to bring these strategies to our Glowgetter Beauty Entrepreneurs community. Please join our Beauty Business Bootcamp starting 10 June 2024, we’re live online each day that week at 11:00BST. If you’re not able to attend live the replays will be available in our Glowgetter Beauty Entrepreneurs Facebook Group.

Sign up (it’s free) 👇🏼 If it’s something of interest to you or someone in your network, join us!

We will be discussing BEAUTY business strategies:

🦋 Build your client base for life

🦋 Elevate your time in the treatment room

🦋 Access team to make the dream work

🦋 Up your prices for profit

🦋 Transformation mindset shifts

🦋 You got this

If you’re reading this after the event date, check out our website for future events.

Thank you for reading, if this was useful please 🩵 and if it could help someone in your network, please share.

Thank you ~ Diana x

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