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98. Boost your Business Series - Six Social Media Strategies

Updated: Mar 21

Social Media is continually changing and new platforms are being created. It reaches a variety of ages and demographics and it helps our businesses reach followers around the globe. It's your business Virtual Store Front, so lead with content and always be genuine and factual. Social Media has become a life skill.

Statistics show that 40% of stores have a 'we chat' function on their websites. Gives them a 200% increase in revenue for having an online presence.

Social Media for business is not just a sales tool, it is an education platform. Be genuine with your content, be factual and professional. By posting regular content it will help grow and promote your business.

📸 Hosting a virtual skincare event - laptop + ring light + knowledge = content creation

Social Media is free marketing with video chat, with direct messaging and comments it gives businesses an alternative way to stay connected. I love the 'live' component and scheduling aspect so it helps to map out your business marketing timetable.

This also enables us to work from anywhere or in a situation like a pandemic, enables people to work from home. The new omni working environments now utilise these methods everywhere.

📸 'behind the scenes' content on my way to an awards event in London (hair in rollers to keep the curls 😆)

It gives us freedom, my goal is to become a digital nomad. After decades of being present in treatment with a 12 - 15 hour daily schedule in a salon, the freedom to be able to work from anywhere is liberating and less stressful ~ my mobile office!

Six ways to design your social media strategy:

💥 Teach your viewers and followers something. For example in the beauty industry - teach them how to cleanse their skin properly, how to perform a facial massage or 'DIY product use' You can offer virtual classes or mini lessons on self care.

Recent studies show that from social media, a third have found a new business and 60% found a new product

💥 Hashtags help to organise information, so that viewers can search by content. It's advised to only use 3-5 hadhtags in your posts. Don't hashtags every word or sentence be strategic.

Create your own business hashtag, research trending phrases and relatable words to your content. It is worth searching hashtags that you're considering before using them.

Some of my business hashtags are #orchidsretreat (business name) #dianarichardson (my name) #designyourdestiny (my business motto)

#️⃣ I've been recommended to post about twenty relevant hashtags to my business in the comment section. This could still be the recommended thing to do or things may have progressed further, but this is an example of our 'regular' hashtags. We tweak it depending on the post - add a product, treatment, award to make it relevant.

If you're talking about a specific product use a hashtag at the end #precleanse or #phytonaturefirmingserum for example helps your post and business to be found by new potential clients. When followers are looking for specific products or services it helps to showcase your business.

💥 Build community by creating a place online that is an extention of yourself and your business. Build your business community by thinking of your local high street- what are your go to shops, restaurants and places... that creates your community.

Social media creates a virtual community for your clients. It enables you to have a wider reach and connect with your clients and followers on a daily basis.

Be creative with your posts so that you can tell the story of your business. What is happening, what offers are you promoting. Use the caption to educate the readers and focus on consistency.

📸 The team and I went to a new product launch at Dermalogica HQ. We used the opportunity to take photos of the event, photos and video clips of the new product and record a video about how to add it into your routine.

💥 Brand Image - share a clear identity of what your business is and does. Share education and add value to the readers. Plan your posts to reflect what is happening in your business, seasonal topics and current events.

I've written a whole blog about the importance of branding in your business 👉🏼 check it out

🎙️ Glowgetter Beauty Entrepreneur 101 Podcast Episode 23 Elevate your Brand

In my mentorship program we have a whole unit of this subject to help you create your own timetable of social media and marketing for the year. We also offer monthly masterminds and regular masterclasses. We'd love to welcome you to our community 🫶🏼

💥 Connect- Always follow up and respond to direct messages. Ask questions and reply to comments. Create that community feel by being engaged and interacting with your followers. Go live and educate your followers about a new product, treatment or how to demonstration.

💥 Schedule - be consistent in your content so that followers know when to check in for what's new and other updates within your business. Find a plan of action that suits you and your business. If social media really isn't in your remit then outsource it, but it's vital for your business in this modern world to engage with clients in multiple ways to keep your business at the top of their minds.

We can help you put a plan into place, book a strategy session. Our VIP Days give your business our undevided attention as we develop a plan of action to suit your busy schedule

Social media is here to stay and is the future of small businesses. Prioritise time in your schedule for social media, it may cost you a bit of time, but it saves you money on marketing and advertising. Partner with other businesses, host virtual events, virtual one to one consultations and group sessions. Remember to engage with your audience and others in your community - like, share & comment.

Thank you for reading, if this could be useful to someone in your circle please share.

 If this blog has been helpful please double tap 💖& give us a little love.

Thank you ~ Diana x


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