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14. Bright Eyes Boost

Updated: Mar 21

Eyes are one of the first features we notice in others, and they’re known as the mirror of one’s soul. Giving the eyes a boost helps to combat signs of stress, use of electronics, and lack of sleep.

Everyone has stress in their life, but it's how you handle it that affects the skin. Does a deadline give you the adrenaline rush to finish it or fill you with dread? Take the test to find out how you deal with the daily stress life gives you 

This masque focuses on the eye area, which is as thin as tissue paper therefore being the first area to show signs of distress. The tube has a metal tip which is naturally cold, so it helps to soothe the eye area as the product is applied. 

Stress Positive Eye Lift helps to brighten, lift, hydrate and de-puff the eyes. It can be used in the morning or at night as an eye masque or leave on treatment. Check out my Bright Eyes Skin Series on YouTube. This short video is about how to apply and energise the eye area

This bright eyes booster is available to buy on my website

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