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53. Conversations with a Skin Therapist: Skin Science & Technology - PowerBright TRx

Updated: Mar 21

Did you know that skin pigmentation is a treatable condition? As the seasons change it is a great time to repair the sun damage and lighten the pigmentation caused by prolonged sun exposure. By treating pigmentation each year and throughout the year it prevents longterm signs of sun damage on the skin along with promoting skin health all year round.

It's been a fabulous summer in the UK, with lockdown and the pandemic preventing or deterring people from travelling, many have had staycations and enjoyed time outdoors around the country. The temperatures have still been very warm and it seems as a result many are still sporting a golden glow!

Why does the skin tan? The sun triggers the skin to produce melanin causing the skin to change colour and naturally darken. Melanin defines your skin tone - olive complexion, peaches and cream, etc. Melanocytes in your skin produce a pigment called melanin that is responsible for the tone and colour of your skin. Hyper pigmentation is an over production of melanin that then creates brown spots on the skin. When ultraviolet rays reflect off the melanocytes in your epidermis (the top layers of your skin) this creates a chain reaction which produces melanin causing the skin to tan.

As the skin matures, the renewal process slows down showing the accumulative effects of lifestyle and sun exposure. Meaning that hyper pigmentation or age spots become noticeable on the surface layers of the epidermis. In some cases, if your melanocytes are depleted or damaged the skin doesn't produce melanin creating white patches known as hypo-pigmentation. This type of skin damage is usually irreversible. A third form of pigmentation is know as post-inflammatory pigmentation caused by the dark or discoloured spots that appear after acne breakouts, bug bites or other skin damage.

What is skin brightening? Brightening is also used to describe products that may block the production of pigment, lighten pigmentation on the skin, or in extreme cases whiten the skin. Dark spots, freckles and patches of skin discolouration can be lightened and brightened with the right ingredients and with regular protection and treatment of the skin.

'results in clearer, smoother, brighter and more evenly toned luminous skin.' -Dermalogica Education Centre

Skincare ranges are designed to be used together to create an accumulative effect to achieve results. The products and ingredients are made to compliment each other and often benefit from regular use creating compound results. Using skin brightening products help skin to look more luminous, radiant and brighter. The best products to use are made with healthy and safe ingredients without bleaching products.

Brighter and more luminous skin is noticeable after just one professional treatment and daily use of the PowerBright Trx home care regime. This product range helps to stop the tyrosinase enzyme which helps prevent further pigmentation from developing in other skin cells whilst brightening the visible affects of sun exposure.

Some of the top ingredients for skin brightening are:

  1. Kojic Acid - made from malted rice that's used in sake or rice wine. It inhibits the skin's tyrosinase enzymes that contribute to pigmentation, preventing more dark spots from appearing on the skin.

  2. Vitamin C - a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from free radicals and pollution that cause photo damage (aka pigmentation) to the skin whilst lightening and brightening the skin.

  3. Niacinamide - also known as Vitamin B3, helps balance oil production, calms the skin whilst helping to repair the barrier function and lighten the skin.

  4. Liquorice Extract - works traditionally to inhibit the production of tyrosinase as well as containing glabridin, an ultraviolet-fighting powerhouse for skin lightening and brightening.

Within the PowerBright TRx range there are four key strategies that the advanced technology focuses on to regenerate, hydrate, correct and illuminate the skin. This technology has been designed to work with skin brightening ingredients to help reverse pigmentation on the skin and prevent more from appearing. As with any product, lifestyle is just as important as what you're putting on the skin. It is important to wear a hat when out in the sunshine for long periods of time and to apply sun protection factor 30 or above every single day of the year. Even a few minutes of direct sun exposure without protecting the skin can undo months of hard work.

The day and night creams both contain pumpkin fruit ferment, niacinamide, and liquorice.

If pigmentation is your main concern all 3 products are recommended because this trio of products have key ingredients to promote skin brightening and luminous skin results!

All products are available with complimentary international delivery from

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1 Comment

Diana Richardson
Diana Richardson
Nov 15, 2020

I'm using this range at the moment, it's always my autumnal go to to help reduce the effects of pigmentation from the summer months. My current routine is Precleanse, Active Clay Cleanser (to deep cleanse after wearing a mask), Multi-active toner, Phytonature Firming Serum, C-12 Concentrate, Pure Night. 3-4 nights a week I'm using substituting the C-12 and using the Overnight Retinol Repair 1%. Then in the daytime I'm using the Dynamic Skin Recovey to protect my skin against UV rays and further pigmentation. Glowgetter baby!!

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