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93. Conversations with a Skin Therapist - What is Face Mapping?

Updated: Mar 21

Have you experienced Dermalogica’s professional Face Mapping skin analysis?

Face mapping skin analysis is a technique used by skincare professionals to evaluate the health and condition of the skin by examining specific areas of the face. It is based on the concept that different parts of the face are connected to various organs and systems in the body.

During a face mapping session, the face is divided into fourteen zones, and each zone corresponds to a specific organ or body system.

We understand that every skin is unique, and that no two skins are the same. With over twenty years experience as a skin therapist we have seen and helped a variety of different skin types, conditions, and concerns through face mapping skin analysis in our professional treatments and as an individual service.

By observing the skin's texture, color, and any existing conditions such as acne, redness, or dryness in each zone, our skincare professionals can make recommendations about skincare products to help treat the concerns.

The Chinese diagnosis is a 3,000 year old practise and is a skin analysis also known as mien shiang. This translates to “face reading,” it views each area of the face as an indication or reflection in connection to different organs.

When there's a bodily imbalance, it's said that the skin will show this via pimples, redness, or dryness. The location of these blemishes on the face supposedly represent the organ that's affected. ~Healthline

Chinese Traditional Medicine 📸 Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies

A study published in the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies states that this hidden system has a degree of influence over both the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

For example, if a certain area of the face consistently displays acne or blemishes, it might suggest that there is an issue related to the digestive system.

Similarly, dry skin or wrinkles in other areas may indicate dehydration or hormonal imbalances.

We use Face Mapping to help our clients to understand what their skin is telling them and to help target key concerns with their skincare regime to achieve healthy skin.

Did you know as females our skin fluctuates daily with our menstrual cycles, hormone levels and lifestyle factors. It is normal for skin to show different concerns daily.

Face mapping can be a useful tool in identifying potential wellness issues and developing targeted skincare routines or recommending lifestyle changes to improve overall skin health.

📸 Dermalogica 14 Zone Face Mapping Skin Analysis

Dermalogica recommends Face Mapping every 2-3 months or whenever you experience skin changes and challenges. With our clients we recommend a seasonal skincare regime MOT. Sometimes it's just a change in day or night cream depending on the seasons and other times it's introducing a new serum to ensure glowing skin all year round.

3 reasons to modify your skincare regime seasonally

1. Environmental changes:

The seasons bring different weather conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and exposure to sunlight. These environmental factors can affect the skin's needs. For example, during the colder months, the skin may be drier and require more hydration, while in the hotter months, it may need more protection from the sun and oil control.

2. Skin concerns:

Different skin concerns may arise or worsen during certain seasons. For instance, acne may flare up in humid summer weather due to increased sweat and oil production, while dryness and sensitivity may be more common in the winter due to cold winds and indoor heating.

3. Product effectiveness:

Some skincare ingredients and products work better during specific seasons. For example, lightweight and oil-free formulations may be more suitable for summer, while heavier moisturizers and barrier repair products may be necessary for winter. Adjusting your skincare regime seasonally ensures that you are using products that are most effective for the current climate and your skin's needs.

However, it is important to note that face mapping is not a diagnosis or medical treatment but rather a holistic approach to understanding the skin's connection to the body.

virtual skin check - book online

Got a quick question about your skin? Join us for a virtual, face-to-face 10 minute skin check with professional recommendations by one of our skin experts.

in person consultation

For a more in-depth consultation book a 10 minute 1:1 session with one of our team. Diving into your main skin concerns and how best to treat. Your professional recommendations will be written down or can be emailed to you post appointment.

skincare mirror me session

A 30 minute online session with our skin expert to talk you through a step by step skincare routine to help you maintain healthy skin at home.

professional skin therapist

Contact our skin expert for an in person experience. Your Dermalogica expert trained skin therapist can create you a bespoke skin fitness plan based on your Face Mapping analysis and professional skin treatment.

We are so passionate about teaching our clients to be their own skin experts, we host a bi-annual event with our skin scanner to help keep you skin glowing all year long.

The face mapping skin analysis with the skin scanner enables you to see your skin while we explain what the different colours and shades represent on your skin.

This helps our clients put their best face forward and to be glowgetters a all year long!

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