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43. Did you know Maskne is a thing?

Updated: Mar 21

After two full days back in the salon in full Personal Protective Equipment aka PPE my face feels raw! It's as is I've been snogging someone with a beard all night long (which I obviously haven't!) Instead I've been fully equipped with a face mask, safety glasses and a face shield, along with a fresh uniform or apron for each client. How the NHS staff have been working tirelessly helping save and support our nation for the past four months (and longer) with all this additional PPE and not have any major skin concerns would be a miracle!

As a Skin Therapist I would like to pride myself that I have the knowledge about how to prevent and treat maskne or sensitised skin. With all my excitement to be back in the salon and able to see clients again, I seemed to think that I would be immune to the side affects of the new attire! The government are now suggesting that everyone wear a face mask to go shopping, so it seems as if many of you might get to experience a prolonged period of mask wearing in the not too distant future! If you wear glasses then you'll also know that they become fogged up with the heavy breathing that gets adopted with the ever so attractive face mask and even water proof makeup struggles to withstand the full on steam caused by heavy breathing as we all turn into Darth Vader characters!

So how can we treat and protect our skin from the 'new normal' fashion accessories that we all get to sport in order to protect ourselves and others?

Double Cleanse each evening. Precleanse is an oil based cleanser that lifts impurities from skin allowing the second cleanse to clean the skin. Remember to massage each cleanser into the skin for sixty seconds to enable the ingredients to thoroughly clean your skin.

Exfoliate regularly. There are a few daily microfoliants which are gentle enough to use on all skin types. If your skin is sensitive, only use Daily Microfoliant, Daily Superfoliant or Daily Resurfacer two to three times a week. If your skin is prone to breakouts this is a great exfoliant to use in the morning to help with skin renewal and keep breakouts away. I would also recommend the Charcoal Rescue Masque as a great 5-in-1 treatment at the end of a busy day to help draw out impurities, exfoliate, brighten, sooth and treat the skin - use this one 2 to 3 times a week in the shower.

Protect daily. If you read my blogs or visit me for professional skin treatments, you'll know my initial advice for protecting the skin is always sunprotection. But underneath the spf layer put on all things ultra calming to soothe the skin and help protect the barrier from the constant rubbing of face masks. For super sensitive skins start with the Redness Relief Essence, it's like liquid oats to soothe the skin. For those just wearing masks for errands and public appearances layer up with Calm Water Gel, Barrier Defense Booster and Barrier Repair underneath your daylight defense product. This trio will help to keep the skin hydrated, the oil based booster will provide a shield and the silicone in the Barrier Repair will act as a barrier to help prevent the skin for becoming over sensitised with continuous movement of a face mask.

A hydrating spray throughout the day can also help prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated with the additional PPE and amount of moisture exposed to the skin's surface, but if you are applying your PPE directly on top, then it can have an adverse affect by adding to the moisture fog, so my recommendation would be to spritz once you're home or in the car and have removed your face mask to help hydrate the skin between outings.

If you have any questions or concerns about your skin, I am here to help. We offer a complimentary 10 minute Virtual Consultation, a 30 minute Virtual Skincare Lesson and face mapping to discuss and demonstrate a routine that suits your skin, or a 60 minute Virtual Workshop that enables me to work through a full routine and some massage techniques to help soften the expression lines, relax facial muscles and promote healthy skin. These can be booked via our website following the 'book now' button to take you through to our live booking system to choose an appointment that suits you.

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Diana Richardson
Diana Richardson
Jul 20, 2020

Thank you Xx


Jo Latchford
Jo Latchford
Jul 14, 2020

Maskne...!! L👀king great D 😷 Thank you for these tips. Honestly I struggle with wearing a mask for short periods of time so well done all that have to for prolonged periods of time. Xx

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