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7. Eight things to pack in your hospital bag

Updated: Mar 21

Hands up if you've had surgery... last year, 28,000 Britons had cosmetic surgery and in the US it was an astonishing 18 million whom opted for surgery. England is about the size of Texas and that's people opting for surgery, there are millions each year having required surgery. The hospital environment combined with medication used during the procedure can be very dehydrating and drying on the skin. If skin is dehydrated it can then become sensitised so it is important to help keep the skin hydrated and the barrier function intact.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS); the only organisation solely dedicated to advancing safety, innovation and excellence in cosmetic surgery; has released its annual audit. According to the new figures, over 28,000 procedures took place in 2018, a small increase of 0.1% on 2017.

Six skincare items for your hospital bag that will help to keep your skin glowing.

Cleanser- a calming wipe off cleanser will help soothe the skin post surgery and is easy to remove if you're bed bound. 

Toner- a gentle hydrating mist with hyaluronic acid to rehydrate skin whilst in an environment that is temperature regulated. 

Hydrating Booster- use a hydrating serum that contains a cross-linked hyaluronic acid that holds 5,000 times its weight in water to quench thirsty skin. 

Barrier Repair- a silicone based moisturizer that calms and protects environmentally sensitized skin. 

Eye Cream- eyes are the first area to show signs of distress, so keep them hydrated and moisturized to help combat fine lines and dark circles. 

Moisturizer- use a thicker moisturizer to help repair the skin and keep it soft and smooth. 

Hair Care- Bring a travel sized set of shampoo, conditioner and smoothing serum to keep your hairy moisturized and glossy if you're staying in hospital for a longer period of time. If it's just a quick stay, pack some dry shampoo. 

Lipstick- Lipstick brightens up a dull complexion so keep some by your bedside to brighten up your smile before visiting hours. 

If you are heading in for surgery, wish you all the best and a quick recovery. All of the skincare products are available for purchase on our website.

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