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11. Feature Friday - The Man Rug

Updated: Mar 21

Everyone loves a manly rug, but when is it too much? When it starts sprouting from your shoulders and out the top of your t-shirt! 

Three tips and tricks for a clear back and to get the most out of a back wax. 

1. Regularity- For best results, waxing should be done every 4-6 weeks so that the hairs become weaker and thinner. This results in fewer ingrown hairs and decreases the hair growth, which means the man rug will shrink! 

2. Exfoliate daily- Use the Dermalogica Buffing Cloth in the shower every morning with Conditioning Body Wash to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove bacteria allowing the hair to regrow smoothly. Using a body scrub such as Thermafoliant Body Scrub helps to polish, refine and smooth the skin. Exfoliation also lifts the hairs which enables the next waxing treatment to be performed quicker.  3. Moisturize- Use a tea tree based moisturizer for its antiseptic, antibacterial & soothing properties for 2-3 days post wax. 

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