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16. Five ways to support your local salons and spas

Updated: Mar 21

During this unprecedented time many local spas and salons have had to send that message to their loyal clients that they never thought they would have to write. 'We are closed for business'. The beauty industry is unique because the therapists are passionate about what they do and have a personal rapport with each client. Many owners and therapists have been receiving positive comments and messages from their clients which really helps during this time of uncertainty.

Here are 5 ways that you can continue to support your local salons and small businesses during this pandemic:

1. Make positive reviews online about your recent visit to the salon about the quality of the service and hygiene of the salon. The most popular sites are the business Facebook Page, Trip Advisor and Google.

2. If you have enjoyed a treatment, share your experience as a satisfied customer by taking photos of the finished results and uploading them onto social media platforms like Instagram and tag the salon's name.

For example- Still glowing after my Pro Power Peel! #orchidsretreat @orchidsretreat

3. Those who are already following your favourite salons and spas on social media accounts, engage with the salon's content by liking or commenting on posts.

4. Join membership schemes or buy courses of treatments with the idea of buy now and book later to use over the summer months once the pandemic has calmed down.

.5. Support local salons and utilise their online shops, the loyalty and custom will help small businesses through this quiet period.

Orchids Retreat has an online shop that is open for business and offers free postage and delivery.

There is also an Orchids Retreat Wix app to make staying connected accessible from the palm of your hand. If you would like to follow us on social media we're found as @orchidsretreat across all platforms.

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Diana Richardson
Diana Richardson
May 20, 2020

Thank you so much for your kind words, loyalty & support. Big love & hugs. Stay healthy XxD


Jo Latchford
Jo Latchford
May 15, 2020

You’re incredibly skilled and talented D and by far the most positive person I know ❤️ Thank you for looking after all of us and always going the extra miles (for me for sure!). It’s our turn to look after you. Well done everyone, keep together and keep on supporting our local talented business owners 🙌 💅 🙌

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