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94. Boost your Business Series ~ The seven C’s of content creation

Updated: Mar 21

Generate brand awareness, further develop your personal brand and get eyes on your business brand with the seven C's of content creation.

We time block our content creation to allow a block of two to three hours in the calendar on a regular basis to allow time to focus on these key features.

Remember who your audience is and to write social posts for your avatar. Do you know who your avatar is? Who do you want to attract and target to receive your message?

We've written a blog to help you, read more We've also recorded a podcast on this subject, listen to Glowgetter Beauty Entrepreneur 101 Podcast ~ Episode 19 : Avatars

The seven C's of content creation are as follows:

1.Content -

Maintaining a consistent tone, style, and brand voice across all content channels is important to building brand awareness. Make sure you show up regularly with high value content. Schedule your posts, theme your content, introduce yourself and your business.

When people look at your social media or website it reflects your business like window shopping gives you an impression of what's inside the store.

When guests show up to your business online whether through social channels or your website, does it reflect what you offer? When they arrive to your business in person, is this theme congruent with the environment and services you offer?

2. Creativity -

Adding unique and engaging elements to your business content helps capture the audience's attention and make it stand out.

This can encourage innovation amongst your team to showcase new treatments and sharing fresh ideas enhances the overall quality of the content creation.

Some ideas are to:

  • Compare benefits of different treatments

  • Offer your professional selfcare advice

  • Navigate your clients through how to use

  • Talk through new product formulations

  • Explain the types of treatments you offer

  • New treatment demonstrations

  • Take before and after pictures

3. Consistency -

Consistency builds trust and helps establish a strong brand identity. We recommend to our community that they post at least three times a week, ideally at the same time of day. When you develop more content you can post more frequently, but keep it high value and consistent.

Be consistent in scheduling your high value content - What are you're giving your audience? Continue to build awareness and be the expert in your area. By sharing new product innovations, treatment offers and services, what's going on in your business?

For Example: Here's a sneak peak sbout a new product that is launching next month.

4. Context -

Give your clients, viewers and readers context about why you're sharing this information. Explain why the product or treatment you're showcasing is good for them, how to use it or when to have it and the benefits of using the product or why they should book the treatment.

Understanding who your desired target audience or your client avatar is and what their interests, needs, and preferences are will help you generate quality content by creating it in a value driven context.

Creating content that is relevant and valuable to your avatar in their specific context.

For Example: Here are three reasons why using this product is good for your skin. It will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost collagen production and leave it looking radiant.

5. Clarity -

Ensure that your business content is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Keeping the message simple and convey it in a way that resonates with the desired audience. Clarity often uses how, why, what, where and when.

Provide clear reasons or instructions about a specific product or treatment. Why they should book in for this treatment, how it can help them achieve their goals. What the key ingredients are and why they are beneficial to your clients skin. When is recommended to use the product, how it should be used, why it should be used and how it should be used.

For Example: Here's a little how to use video that our team has made. It's clear, fun and interactive.

6. Consequence -

What is the consequence of your followers not doing their skincare regime, or not using your professional recommendation? Consequences can be positive or negative.

Negative consequences can be explained about what happens if they don't follow the recommendations.

Tell them about the positive affects of having a new treatment, this is the benefits - take them to the next level.

For Example: Positive results - see image below it's a before and after 8 weeks if using a new product.

7. Call to Action

A 'call to action' is used to include clear and compelling calls to action within the content to encourage the audience to take the desired next step. Call to action words often used such as subscribing, purchasing, sharing, or engaging to ask them to take action.

How do they take action, how can they book in with you? What do the clients need to do?

A few ways to ask:

  • Go online and shop today

  • Click link in our bio to register

  • Buy today and we'll post it to you

  • Join our newsletter, you'll receive newsletter and valuable service, product or advice.

Example: Here's the link to purchase and we'll deliver directly to your door.

Create your story with the 7 C's of creating content. Telling a story about a new product, treatment, or team member. Then asking the client for the call to action has enticed them to want more information, to experience the ending of the story you've told with the seven C's of marketing and branding.

You are your own special sauce for your business. Your voice and personality within your business and personal brand are important." ~Diana Richardson

By focusing on these seven key factors, content creators can develop high-quality and impactful content that effectively serves their target audience.

Remember to post regularly and consistently so your audience knows when to tune in. Listen to the podcast Glowgetter Beauty Entrepreneur 101 ~ Episode 17 : The 5 C's for content creation

Thank you for reading, if this was useful please ❤️ and if it could help someone in your network, please share. Thank you ~ Diana x


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