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123. Glowgetter on the Red Carpet

Updated: Mar 21

It’s Red Carpet season and Glowgetter Time!

BAFTAS, Oscars, London Fashion Week... it's the season to put your best face forward and to be camera ready!

Whether you're attending one of these events or one of your own, its our favourite time of year to help you prepare! We've helped so many women over the years get ready for important dates and moments in their lives and cherish being on that journey with them. We are here to help you bring out your most healthy, dewy, radiant skin for your important event.

I'm so thankful for the trust placed in me over the years and the opportunity to have worked with some of the most gorgeous faces in the world. I'm here to share with you some of our superstar secrets, including the steps and planning used to perfectly prep their skin, and tips you can use to get your own red carpet ready look at home.

Getting Clients Ready for the Red Carpet

After decades of working with talented clients and friends to help them bring their A-lister beauty routine to the big event, I've designed a regime to transform your skin into a beautiful canvas upon which makeup artists can create a masterpiece.

The Signature D treatment involves a bespoke facial course leading up to the main event and the customized routine needed the night before to help you put your best face forward:

Glowing skin can be achieved in one treatment, but for the ultimate youth boost and radiance it's best to work backwards from the big event and create a three-month (minimum) skincare regime both professionally and at home. Some of our secrets include:

🧖🏼‍♀️ A gentle cleanse with lymphatic massage to improve skin clarity, reduce puffiness and lift tired features

🧖🏼‍♀️ A lactic acid and fruit enzyme peel to remove dead skin that dulls the complexion and to give skin that glow

🧖🏼‍♀️ Microcurrent to take your face to the gym leaving it tightened, lifted, toned and with more defined features

🧖🏼‍♀️ My coveted Lift and Sculpt Massage to stimulate circulation, improve brightness, accentuate cheekbones and contour the jawline - dubbed a'face lift with your hands'

🧖🏼‍♀️ A hydration and copper-peptide repair mask to instantly rejuvenate and hydrate skin, whilst plumping out fine lines and leaving the skin more radiant

🧖🏼‍♀️ Bespoke homecare regime with phytonutrients, peptides, oxygen enhancing cream, vitamin c to luminate and collagen serum to diminish fine lines and leave your skin radiant

And the results speak for themselves!

Your Red Carpet Look Made Easy

Of course, we know that it’s not always easy or even possible to get into our Orchids atelier to see us when you have your own big event. BUT the good news is, you don’t have to if you've worked with us to become your own skincare expert. You can still get your own red carpet ready look just by following the tips below.

1. Know what to avoid

Getting perfect skin for your big night is not only about what to do, but also what not to do.

For two weeks prior, don’t use steam and avoid extractions of any kind, including popping any pimples, since at-home extractions can leave you red and raw. The goal is to be a glowgetter not a redsetter

2. Practice facial massage

You can also use the same Lift + Sculpt technique that I use to contour some of the most gorgeous faces in the world before they step into their special events. Use my Aurum D gua sha stone, Aurum D relaxing face oil and my signature moves to help firm, lift and soften those expression lines.

If you already have a gua sha tool or a jade roller, you can use the techniques to work your serum or oil into the skin using these four simple steps:

🧖🏼‍♀️ Start on your forehead, moving outward to each side from the middle for 6 - 8 strokes

🧖🏼‍♀️ Then work around your brow and to the outside corner of your eye area because this naturally helps to reduce sinus pressure and aid lymph drainage - again 6 - 8 sweeping motions on each eye area working away from the nose

🧖🏼‍♀️ Continue down the rest of your face working from the nose outwards and upwards, remember to work along the jaw line to ease tension, firm the jawline and improve circulation

🧖🏼‍♀️ Lastly work the neck area to smooth out lines and help drain the lymph back into the circulatory system, the lymph nodes are located on either side of the neck behind the collar bone so sweep into each little hole to flush away the toxins and ease the tension in your scalenes and sternocleido mastoid muscles.

You’ll see instant results with less puffiness, more defined features, improved circulation, softened expression lines and enhanced radiance.

3. Try light therapy

LED light therapy is amazing for rejuvenating and brightening your skin and creating a more youthful appearance. Read my blog all about the Lowdown on LED published earlier this month. These masks use a revolutionary LED light therapy system, featuring different treatment modes to target multiple skin concerns including reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, banishing blemishes, pigmentation, scaring, and youth boosting. Follow the manufacturers instructions, choose the mode that targets your specific skin concerns, sit back, relax and let the magic happen.

4. Use chemical exfoliation

I'm not a fan of mechanical exfoliators and scrubs, which are too harsh on our skin, particularly when you’re prepping for a big event.

Instead, I prefer gentle exfoliants with fruit enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids, and beta hydroxy acids that work underneath the skin.

Please remember not to introduce your skin to anything new within four weeks of the event in order to give it time to adapt and prevent any redness or irritation on your big night.

This is why I focus on at least a three month lead time before any big event.

Two of my favourite at home exfoliants are:

  • Reduces signs of skin ageing

  • Evens skin tone and dark spots

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Evens skin tone for brighter skin

  • Minimises the appearance of pores

Daily peel with a potent blend of acids and enzymes smooths the appearance of fine lines while helping to visibly minimise pores and even skin tone. Start off by using this 2 -3 times a week and if it suits your skin type to use it more regularly - build up to daily use over a two to three week period.

It is a professional-grade at-home peel with a blend of 30% acids and enzymes (Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic, Phytic and Tranexamic acids plus Gluconolactone and fermented Pomegranate Enzyme). They work within the different layers of skin’s surface to thoroughly exfoliate, help unclog pores and reveal smoother, brighter skin.

It contains a lipid-rich blend with upcycled Cranberry Extract to promote long-lasting hydration.

This is a great product to help you get ready for your next big event!

Rapid Reveal Peel professional-grade at-home peel

  • Hydrates

  • Reduces signs of skin ageing

  • Evens skin tone and dark spots

  • Dissolves dulling surface debris to reveal bright, healthy looking skin

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and smooths skin texture

  • Helps maintain radiant-looking results between professional peel treatments

Clinically proven to enhance radiance and visibly reduce fine lines. This maximum-strength exfoliant delivers powerful results with no downtime.

A unique complex of phytoactive AHA extracts, Lactic Acid and fermented plant enzymes helps reveal new, firmer skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by removing dulling surface debris without causing dehydration.

Pumpkin Fruit Enzyme and Rice Bran Extract help even skin tone by resurfacing the skin and accelerating cell turnover. Smoothing Australian Caviar Lime Extract brightens skin for a more radiant complexion.

This peel comes in 10 little capsules so it's great for travel and use the week and night before your special occasion. Each little tube will give you 2 -3 applications. It's my secret skincare weapon!

5. Pulse in actives Finally, for a professional facial at home, I'd recommend using a tool that helps to penetrate products deeper into the skin. There are several ultrasonic devices with technology to enhance blood flow and circulation and pulse your skincare ingredients deeper into your skin.

This supercharges your product and your results.

Before a big event, I love to apply an ultra-hydrating sheet masks and then use on the device for 10 - 15 minutes; when you’re done, your skin is silky soft, plump and smooth.

Get Gorgeous and be a GLOWGETTER Of course, if you are in the New Forest, I would love to see you!

Remember, red carpet ready skin isn’t only for celebrities.

Book your treatment or skincare consultation

Thank you for reading, if this was useful please 🩵 and if it could help someone in your network, please share.

Thank you ~ Diana x

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