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18. Hay Fever Hacks

Updated: Mar 21

Spring has sprung and hay fever season has begun! For the estimated one in five people who suffer from hay fever, the symptoms often include sneezing, coughing, and streaming nose and eyes. This can be irritating and uncomfortable but should only be temporary and cause no long-term ill effects.

According to NHS data, approximately 20% of UK residents are hay fever sufferers.

The skin can become sensitised, red and itchy. Those suffering from hay fever can take some practical steps to reduce their exposure to pollen such as keep doors and windows closed, wear a wide brimmed hat and put vaseline under their nose when outside to inhibit pollen from entering. Here are six Hay Fever Hacks to help soothe the effects of hay fever on the skin this season.


Cleansing at night make a big difference to irritable and sensitised skin because it will remove the pollutants causing the irritation. Try Dermalogica's Precleanse Balm followed by Ultra Calming Cleanser for a deep clean with gentle ingredients. Use tepid water and a cool soft cloth or cotton wool to remove each cleanse and prevent additional stimulation on the skin.


Apply a pea sized amount of Ultra Calming Cleanser to each eye as a mini masque and to help dissolve any eye makeup. Apply damp cotton wool to help soothe and de-puff the eyes and gently wipe away any makeup.


Use 4-6 drops of Redness Relief Essence and press all over face, neck and decollate. If the eyes are still itchy, shake a couple drops onto damp cotton wool and press over the eye area reduce redness and relieve itchiness.


If your eyes and nose are sore from additional wiping or blowing, create a protective shield and help skin repair itself. Barrier Repair is a velvety moisturiser that fortifies damaged skin and helps replenish the natural barrier function.


Layering anti-inflammatory and hydrating ingredients helps to reduce further flare ups and maintain the lipid barrier in the skin. Layer 4-6 drops of Redness Relief Essence, a blueberry size amount of Calm Water Gel and seal in with 8 drops of Barrier Defense Booster. At night the Barrier Repair can add extra moisture and during the day the Invisible Physical Defence helps protect against UV exposure.


Wearing an eye mask at night can help to keep eyes less irritated during hay fever season. In the morning the Stress Positive Eye Lift can help reduce puffiness and soothes irritation with the metal applicator, apply as a 5 minute mini treatment whilst you enjoy your morning coffee.

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