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12. Is your skin dirty?

Updated: Mar 21

I had just read an article in Living Skin magazine, Is our skin dirtier than ever? The next day, I woke up to a what's app message from a client saying her skin is lumpy, spotty and HELP! it's the festive season.  Skincare is an essential part of daily routine, and many already follow a simple cleanse, tone, moisturise regime every morning and night.  This basic regime is great to have in place, but it is important to do it properly. 

Research by the International Dermal Institute found that 'women only spend about 20 seconds washing their face.'

For thoroughly clean skin it is advisable to use a double cleanse routine such as Precleanse by Dermalogica which is made from apricot kernel and kukui nut oil, the oil helps draw oil, impurities and makeup away from the skin. Then use a second cleanser to suit your specific skin type- foaming, cream, etc. Each cleanser should be massaged into the skin for 60 seconds. Count as you massage your face in gentle upward strokes 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi until your reach 60 then remove the product with a warm damp flannel or sponge. 

The environment is much dirtier now than it used to be in our parents and grandparents era because there are so many more pollutants, types of makeup, sunscreen, etc. The face is exposed to everything everyday and a quick 20 second cleanse won't cut through the dirt, oil and makeup on your skin. If your skin isn't properly cleansed then the moisturiser can't penetrate to the skin properly and a dull appearance then starts to become congested. Exfoliating can help, but start with a good basic regime and build on that to maximise glowing healthy skin.  Buy your cleansing regime today on our website

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