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19. Men's Skin Health Debunked

Updated: Mar 21

Men's Skin is physiologically different from women because their testosterone levels are much higher, resulting in not only their skin being 25% thicker, their sebaceous gland activity two times more active, and a much ore gradual ageing process.

A research survey conducted by ACUPOLL Precision Research in December 2019, stated 80% of men surveyed thought that women's skincare products would work just as well on their skin as men's skincare products.

This is true, but it is important to know what ingredients would be most suitable for your skin type rather than the products being gender specific. An increase in sweat production helps to keep the skin more hydrated because the lactic acid from sweat acts as a natural humectant keeping the tissues more hydrated. Oilier skins tend to have larger pore sizes and the 25% increase in thickness results in hate texture being tougher and more course.

Men still have skin concerns such as pigmentation, sun damage, oiliness and dilated capillaries, so it's important to know what ingredients help combat those skin concerns.

The top four ingredients for maintaining that macho glow:

- Charcoal and Clays

- Hyaluronic Acid

- Salicylic Acid

- Vitamin C

The market value of men's face care products in 2018 was £65.1 million, it is predicted to reach £166 billion by 2021. -Statista


Charcoal helps to adsorb toxins from the skin by acting as a magnet to extract debris from the pores. It draws our excess oils and impurities from the skin.

Clays help to ratify, refresh and absorb oil.

These ingredients are often found in cleansers, exfoliants and masques. Such as Dermalogica's Active Clay Cleanser, Charcoal Rescue Masque and Daily Superfoliant.


A natural humectant that is made by the body and is added to skincare as a natural humectant to help replenish hydration and prevent Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) by maintaining the skins lipid barrier function. This is used in hydrating masques, serums, eye creams and moisturisers to help hydrate the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. Dermalogica's Skin Smoothing Cream, Skin Hydrating Booster, Skin Hydrating Masque, and Stress Positive Eye Lift are hydration favourites.


An essential exfoliating ingredient for those men who sport facial hair. It is a lipophilic alpha hydroxy acid that loves oil! It spirals into the sebaceous follicle like a twister and helps to break down skin cells and sebum. It is also anti-inflammatory so suitable for both oily and sensitive skins. It is found in treatment products such as Overnight Clearing Gel, Age Bright Clearing Serum and Age Bright Spot Fader. It is also commonly found in exfoliants and cleansers such as Clearing Skin Wash and Rapid Reveal Peel.


The thicker stratum corneum, increased oil production and more gradual ageing process of male skin tends to leave anti ageing and protection concerns sidelined. Make it a priority to protect against free radicals and improve luminosity of the skin. Vitamin C is high in antioxidants which help combat free radicals caused by sun exposure, pollution, stress, poor diet and lack of sleep. By introducing a targeted serum into the skincare regime underneath the daily moisturiser or as a night treatment it will improve luminosity, vitality and brightness.

By knowing what the ingredients do for your skin it makes finding a skincare regime to suit your skin much easier to maintain that macho glow.

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