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77. Science and Technology - Benefits of retinol

Updated: Mar 21

Retinol has grown to be known as the gold standard in anti-aging and youth boosting skin.

Is the retinol hype worthy of all of the press it receives? YES! Because retinol has over 60 years worth of research, substantial amount of clinical data and visible skin results - this a popular ingredient because it generates results. In 2021, retinol was one of the most searched skincare ingredients on google!

Vitamin A is found in our body, so retinol ingredients are known to our body and skin enabling the ingredient to be utilised quickly and efficiently. How does our body respond and why does our skin responds to retinoids? Our bodies require retinoic acid to support its own body functions. Vitamin A was first identified in 1913 as an essential vitamin for life. Our body absorbs the retinol derivatives that circulates in our blood stream and are consumed by our cells to initiate change through growth factors. Our body is built to utilise retinol in the body and within the skin to give it a youth boost.

How does our body use Retinoic Acid:

  • improves epidermal proliferation

  • improves barrier function

  • boosts collagen production and skin strength

  • reduces the signs of pigmentation and sun damage

  • reduces and regulates sebum production

  • reduces keratosis pelaris (the little white bumps found on the skin)

  • enhances angiogenesis - topical retinoids improve the skin's capillary network

  • boosts growth factors that improve cell function

"Retinol is the gold standard for skin rejuvenation" - Candice Gardener

NEW dynamic skin retinol serum is a high dose wrinkle serum that focuses on the four skins of skin ageing.

Four signs of skin ageing with 1 solution:

  • reverses the appearance of wrinkles - smooths and plumps lines and wrinkles

  • retextures the skin - leaving feeling smoother and softer

  • minimises the appearance of pores - with ageing the skin pores can enlarge and become more visible

  • evens skin tone - brightens dull skin, improves hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone from sun damage

This serum is a great addition to your evening regime for our community members over the age of 30 because our collagen starts to reduce by 1% per year. Apply one pump to cleansed skin and follow with you evening moisturiser. Remember to wear an spa 30+ everyday 365 days a year.

"This new formula increases collagen and elastin production." - Dr. Angela is head of development and research, she runs two labs in Los Angeles at the Dermalogica Headquarters which develop formulas in house with a team of amazing chemists and scientists.

Retinol is a family name for different ingredients and all of them need to be converted to a retinoic acid so that it can link to that area of the skin and produce results. The more conversion rates the less potent and irritating retinol are on the skin. The more potent retinol can be more irritating and less stable, which five or six years ago was where the retinol powerhouse ingredients started in skincare. Fast forward several years and lots of research and testing later - new innovations are developed with incredible results and no adverse affects on the skin.

What's inside the bottle?

3.5% retinoid complex - activity high dose serum, 3 different retionols and booster technology. Clinical testing and fantastic performance beating the competition! Can be irritating for some skins and the focus for this product was to maintain skin health whilst delivering results suitable for all skin types. Clinical testing, maintain barrier function and improve overtime making the skin more resilient.

Retinol - potent and fast acting and penetrates very easily into the skin

Encapsulated retinol - more stable and time released into the skin to improve stability and delivery into the skin. Retinol is delivered in different layers over time

Retinoic ester also known as granactive retinoid and this new formulation doesn't need a conversation it responds directly with the skin receptors making it potent and stable. It is fast acting and mild for use on the skin.

Hydroxystearic acid (10 HSA) - a long name for a retinol booster! It helps connect the skin receptor to the powerhouse ingredients which enhances product performance... meaning that even more collagen and elastin is produced.

Squalene - even with mild versions of retinol it's important to protect the skin, nourish the barrier and replentish the natural lipids. The helps to prevent trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) which causes dehydration and sensitivity. Squalene helps to lock moisture in and support the skin's healthy microbiome.

Beta-glucan - comes in two sizes that supports the skin's barrier function. The smaller particles penetrate deeper to support skin recovery by soothing and reducing inflammation. The larger molecules create a film over the skin that helps to lock in moisture, reduce TEWL

Clinical study ~ 60 people compared with leading competitor - clinical study 30 people in each group using fro 8 weeks. The results were that the dynamic skin retinol serum performed faster and better results, and reduced the four signs of ageing in 2 weeks. The study showed that the volunteers noticed significant improvement in wrinkle reduction, minimising pores, lightened dark spots and improved uneven skin texture.

- Mariangela Sichmann, Director of Product Science and Innovation

How to use:

  • Apply one pump to cleansed skin every evening. With this new formula there isn't a need to gradually introduce the product like our previous overnight serums. If you skin does develop redness, reduce the frequency to every 2-3 evenings.

  • Layer your favourite moisture on top - Active Moist, Skin Smoothing Cream, Intensive Moisture Balance or Super Rich Repair (If you've a biolumin c gel moisturiser fan, please use that in the morning instead whilst using this serum at night)

  • Wear an spa 30+ every day to prevent any signs of ageing from reappearing - the Dynamic Skin Recovery spf 50 is the perfect daytime partner

  • Take a before and after photo - before starting, after one week of use, after two weeks of use and after one month of use.

Put your best face forward for 2023!

Thank you for reading ~ Diana x

Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum - reveals 15 December 2022 and launches 12 January 2023! Shop today

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