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69. Science and Technology- Phyto Nature Firming Serum

Updated: Mar 21

If we were all asked to raise our hands if we'd like to look younger, I think it would be an infinitive YES! It's not about turning back the clock as such because there is no point living in the past, but if we look after our skin we can put our best face forward and age gracefully and maintain a healthy glow in every decade.

Did you know that people who have had a lot of sun exposure can look on average 6½ years older than their actual age?! Science is now showing us that skin aging is NOT just about genetics, but there is so much more to how our skin ages such as lifestyle and environmental factors. - Dr. Angela Murphy

New research from the Dermal Institute shows that skin ageing is caused by exposome and epigenetics which are environmental and lifestyle factors. External factors like sun exposure, sleep deprevation, pollution, stress levels, and diet can all influence how our body ages and what our skin looks like. Fifty percent of the exposome affects how our skin ages, so for example: people who have had a lot of sun exposure can look 6.5 years older; those with a poor diet 2 years older; and poor sleep can cause people to look 2.5 years older. How we look after our skin and body affects what we look like. So how can we turn the clock back and help take the years off our skin?

The dual-phase phyto nature firming serum formula reawakens younger looking skin by using processes that declined naturally with age. This serum helps to target the loss of elasticity, collagen and dehydration in the skin. It helps to flash firm, lift and revitalise your skin with biomimetic peptides and a rich botanical pharmacopeia of super-potent bio naturals. So it literally reawakens the nature of younger looking skin and turns back the clock on the appearance of previous exposome damage. This special formula uses ingredients that mimic naturally occurring materials and processes in our skin.

Unique ingredients help future proof against further skin damage - Antioxidant Moroccan Rockrose Extract and Madagascar Green Coffee Bean visibly revitalize skin and help decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by boosting the renewal of skin cells. Amazonian Camu Camu helps prolong radiance by calming the cortisol levels in the skin, and the next generation of Hyaluronic Acid helps to flash firm delivering a plumping affect on the skin. The peptide and natural botanicals found in phyto nature firming serum make this advanced formula cutting edge in giving your skin a youth boost!

Our most advanced, dual-phase serum combines highly-active botanicals with biomimetic technology to reduce visible signs of skin ageing and reawakens the nature of younger-looking skin. - Dermalogica

As you can see in the picture there are two compartments in this serum, when pumped the bottle dispenses both at the same time to mix the two serums together. One serum is water based and the other is oil based, they are dispensed simultaneously to offer maximum potency. The two unique formulas are kept separate until pumped into the hands, mixed together and applied directly to the skin to give the flash firm and best cocktail directly onto the skin.

Studies show that after one application of phyto nature firming serum it doubles skin luminosity and diminishes fine lines, and with continued use after four weeks wrinkles are visibly reduced and smoothed. The research quantified the number of years with wrinkle reduction that phyto nature firming serum reduces perceived age by five years. Try this youth boosting serum to reawaken younger looking skin and turn back the clock on previous exposome damage.

Regular use has accumulative affects to help combat premature skin ageing from lifestyle and environment factors. For maximum results use one to two pumps in the morning and at night. Apply the blend of the dual-phase serum onto cleansed face, neck and decollate then follow with your regular moisturiser. Apply phyto nature firming serum under your daytime moisturiser and remember to use sun protection spf30+. Use again at night under your evening moisturiser to help give the skin a boost when it is renewing itself the most.

Serums and targeted treatments are our answer to youth boost our skin and maintain a healthy glow through every season and through the decades of our lives. They should be changed with each season and also to help combat lifestyle stressors. Each time you run out of a serum, I would recommend changing your serum. Remember the skin is like a teenage boy and gets bored... we don't need to change our whole routine, just tweak it each season to put our best face forward. If you need help choosing the best serum for your skin this season, please send us an email or visit our clinic for your personalised prescription.

Thank you for reading - stay positive and test negative! - Diana x


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