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35. Skin Science: Collagen - let's give your skin a boost!

Updated: Mar 21

Did you know, each year after the age of 30 the skin produces 1% less collagen. It's depressing, but thanks to the beauty industry and the amazing skin scientists there are products we can use and that can help turn back the clock and slow down the process. Collagen is what helps the skin reflect and refract or what is also known as its natural glow.

As the collagen starts to breakdown it starts to yellow giving skin a sallow appearance. It's not only age that is a factor in the breakdown of collagen; it's stress, a high sugar diet, ultraviolet (UV) exposure, and lifestyle (that's you- all the late night party goers or those with a work hard/play hard motto!) That's why it's important to look after your skin and use products that help to stimulate collagen production. There are 3 key product ingredients that help to do so: Retinol, Peptides, and Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate known as MAP for short or Vitamin C!

Retinol also known as Vitamin A is a popular ingredient in anti-ageing moisturisers. It's known for it's regenerating properties and helps to reverse the signs of photoaging, which is caused from ultraviolet rays (aka sun damage). This ingredient is found in Overnight Retinol Repair for dry skins and Retinol Clearing Oil for more oily skins.

Peptides are chemical messengers that go deep into the dermis (the living layers of the skin) and switch on the collagen production. They come in many forms and they help with long term benefits. For example, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-15 helps build the skins sensitivity tolerance or Oligopeptide-34 which helps prevent discolouration and brightens the skin. Peptides can often be found in youth boosting and skin brightening products such as the Age Smart and Power Bright TRx ranges.

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate - is a stabilised form of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant. It helps to boost collagen production, strengthen and improve the condition of skin. My favourite Vitamin C product is the Biolumin-C Serum, I've seen the best home care results by adding this to my skincare regime.

When you're debating over which moisturiser to buy or wondering why that serum is so expensive, check out the product ingredients & if they contain any of these 3 wonders then you'll know it's worth the investment. Please comment below with any questions you have about your skincare regime. You can also find these ingredients in products on my website

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