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127. Suitcase Skin Series - Three steps to maintain healthy skin in the City 🏙️

Updated: Mar 21

Off on a city break this summer or heading somewhere for work? Make sure you look after your skin daily by cleansing to remove all of the pollution, hydrating to prevent premature ageing and fine lines, and protecting it against free radicals. Whether you work, live or visit a city here are 3 tips to maintaining healthy skin in the city:

1. Cleanse- a deep cleanse is important to remove all impurities. Using a double cleansing routine such as Dermalogica's Precleanse and another cleanser to suit your skin type will remove all of the dirt and makeup leaving you skin clean. If you only want to take one cleanser, the oil to foam total cleaner is my favourite travel partner! I also love to take Daily Superfoliant with me on city trips because it helps protect against pollution and is a gentle exfoliant that can be used daily.

2. Hydrate- use a hydrating spray after cleansing and throughout the day so that your moisturiser is easily absorbed and your skin stays hydrated. When you first get into your hotel, you might want to 'skin flood' for the first couple days - spritz between each layer of skincare to boost hydration.

For dehydrated skin, using Dermalogica's Circular Hydrating Serum and a skin hydrating sheet mask which contains Hyaluronic acid will give your skin a weeks worth of water with one application. These single use masques are a great addition to your travel skincare, it's great before an event and also after a long flight. If you have a gua sha stone, massage this over the sheet masque to boost product penetration

3. Protect- wearing a daily moisturiser and spf is a vital part of a daily skincare regime to protect the skin from ultra violet rays and the elements. A broad spectrum spf 30 or above will protect your skin from sundamage. Dynamic Skin Recovery contains antioxidants to protect against the free-radicals from pollution and has an spf 50. At night time I'd recommend a rich moisturizer like super rich repair or stabilizing repair cream to help restore the skin whilst you sleep.

Enjoy the city culture, but remember look after your skin daily to keep the fine lines away. Thoroughly cleanse for sixty seconds to remove the pollution, maintain hydration to help protect the skin, and restore the barrier function while you sleep.

If you'd like a personalised skincare prescription book a consultation with our expert 

Thank you for reading, if this was useful please 🩵 and if it could help someone in your network, please share.

Thank you ~ Diana x

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