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47. Therapist Thursday- Conversations with a Skin Therapist- 5 Tips for a top bikini line

Updated: Mar 21

During lockdown, the most mishaps seemed to happen with DIY bikini waxes. My first day back in the salon I spent 15 hours waxing my lovely loyal clients. I was also entertained by their stories of home waxing gone wrong, which at the time they did not find funny but in retelling their stories they found a little humour in the situation.

Waxing the bikini area helps it stay smooth for 4-6 weeks, if you're a regular waxing client it may last up to 8 weeks. Waxing can help prevent the rashes and ingrown hairs caused by shaving, but to maintain an irritation free zone it is essential to follow proper aftercare.

Follow Orchids Retreat's 5 top tips for a great bikini line:

1. Professional Hot Wax- Have your bikini wax done by a professional using hot wax. DIY home waxing kits are easy to get yourself into a sticky mess & can often end up bruising yourself. A professional can help remove hair in the hard to reach areas and can achieve a straight line for a tidy Brazilian. Hot wax is applied warm to the hairs and as it hardens it congeals around the hair, so when it is removed it only pulls out the hairs, which is more gentle on the delicate skin. Australian Bodycare Tea Tree wax uses pellets that are individually melted for each client.

2. Exfoliator- Exfoliate prior to waxing to remove dead skin cells and to ensure the hairs are easily accessible to be removed. You can use any body exfoliant, exfoliating gloves, or make your own. Beauty Blunders have some great recipes and you can even make festive ones depending on your mood or the season!

3. Post Wax- after waxing skin is usually red, sometimes the pores cause a raised or bumpy effect, and can be slightly irritated- all of these are normal. For some it goes away quickly and others can take up to 48 hours to dissipate if they're very sensitive. By applying a soothing aftercare lotion, gel or oil that contains tea tree or lavender it can help calm and sooth the skin.

4. Avoid Tight Clothing- after waxing it is essential to let the skin breath! Swap your lacy, sexy panties for some cotton underwear or not wear any at all for 24 hours. If you opt for going commando, make sure you're wearing loose cotton or linen trousers so that your skin can still breath and heavy materials won't rub against the area. It is also best to avoid sexual activity for 24 hours.

5. Moisturise- after bathing (avoid hot showers or baths as this can sensitise the already heat treated area) moisturise daily to help minimise irritation and to keep the skin soft. This also helps to reduce chaffing because it gives your skin a barrier. If you're planning on exposing that area to the sun make sure you apply sunscreen to the area to prevent hyper pigmentation or sunburn. Dermalogica's protection 50 sport £35 is a great full body sunscreen and their calm water gel £45 is fantastic after waxing & sun exposure!

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