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40. Therapist Thursday- Conversations with a Skin Therapist- Natural Nails

Updated: Mar 21

During the Covid-19 lockdown I have had many questions about how to remove gel nails at home and how clients can maintain natural healthy nails themselves.

Natural nails are more popular than ever with the addition of gel color for lasting shine and additional strength. For most women they leave the gel and acrylic nails to the professionals. How can we look after our nails at home whilst waiting for the salons to reopen?

Post acrylic or peeling off old gel nails can wreck havoc in the natural nails. Nail Envy comes in 6 formulas and now also 4 neutral colours. OPI has developed a different formula to meet clients individual needs. The sensitive peeling polish is formaldehyde free and protects the nails with antioxidant vitamin E and emollient-rich kukui nut oil. It also contains aloe vera to soothe and hydrate damaged nails.

For optimum nail health combine Nail Envy with AvoPlex cuticle oil. AvoPlex is a nourishing nail & cuticle oil made with avocado oil that is 5000x more nourishing than vitamin E! It also contains vitamins and phospholipids to help rebuild the skin.

Apply Nail Envy every other day and massage AvoPlex cuticle oil into nails & cuticles twice daily. Once a week remove, file nails in one direction to ensure a smooth edge, and reapply Nail Envy repeating this process for up to six months.

Once the nails have repaired themselves, swap Nail Envy for Nail Maintenance and repeat the same regime weekly. If you would like to add a pop of colour to your hands, apply one coat of Nail Envy, two coats of colour and a finish with a high gloss top coat. My favourite are the Infinite Shine range by OPI because they are applied and removed like a nail lacquer, but dry like a gel leaving a high gloss and longer wearing finish to the natural nails. We sell OPI products at Orchids Retreat, but have not listed all of the items on our website, so please email for more information

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