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73. Therapist Thursday - Importance of Education

Updated: Mar 21

We were delighted to find out this week that we have been awarded the Dermalogica Derm Circle Award 2022. This is our seventh year running to receive this accolade which recognises our business for our continued growth and development through education and innovation.

Dermalogica's commitment to education filters down through their professionally trained skin therapists by obtaining the expert status through online and in person workshops. I'm proud to have obtained & maintained 2015 - 2022 my Expert Status since they set up this education format.

When I first started with Dermalogica in 2004 we had to study 'The Book' and pass an exam at the end about the product ingredients. Then in 2008 the International Dermal Institute offered a Skincare Diploma which was awarded after 100 hours of education and exams. Over the years the education offered by Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute has evolved and grown, but whatever level of continued eduction available my goal has been to achieve it.

One of the best attributes to the beauty industry is that there is constantly new research and information. I’m thirsty for knowledge but it also keeps the industry and my job fresh. I've been back to class many times over the years after finishing my initial formal education at University Nevada Las Vegas. My Dad always said I needed a formal education, not just to learn a trade so I completed that first, and then when I moved to the UK I trained in the beauty industry. I completed three years worth of course work in one by taking additional evening and weekend classes to do my NVQ 2, NVQ 3 and Holistic Therapist qualifications.

After working in industry for several years I wanted to make an impact and share my passion with others, so went to University of Greenwich to get my teaching degree and then I spent six years teaching beauty at Southampton City College and absolutely loved it! I'm so excited that with building a team at Orchids Retreat Beauty and Wellbeing Clinic, I get to share my passion with my team. Coming soon will be the Orchids Training Academy so that I can share my skillset with others in our industry and they will achieve accredited qualifications.

I love being able to share my knowledge and experience with my clients, other therapists and anyone who is interested. My goal is to continually teach my clients to be their own skin experts and to put their best face forward. Knowledge and education is essential in making informed decisions and understanding the science behind how the skin and products work. Whether you are Dermalogica Skin Therapists or use another brands or even work in another industry, thrive to stay abreast of current trends, stay educated and stay passionate.

Thank you for reading ~ Diana x

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