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13. Three steps to the perfect brow

Updated: Mar 21

Eyebrows frame the eyes like a frame showcases a picture. The most expensive piece of art can have the wrong frame and look mediocre, just as a cheap piece of artwork can have an excellent frame and look exceptional!  Follow these three steps for the perfect natural eyebrows:  1. Thickness- the eyebrow thickness gives definition and helps to open the eye area. If the eyebrows have been over plucked, use a growth serum like LiBrow to stimulate growth and thicken the eyebrows. Then comb the eyebrow hairs into place and set with a gel. My favourite is MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set £16.

2. Shape- the shape of eyebrows is one of the key factors for bright eyes. Every face shape has a recommended shape so the arch opens the eyes and balances the facial features.

@orchidsretreat thanks once again for my fabulous brows- think I may call them my wows from now on! -NS

3. Colour- the colour of eyebrows adds definition and enhances the eye area. If it is too dark it can create a harsh look, and if the colour is too light the eyes aren't enhanced. Eyebrow tint should be done every 4-6 weeks, and needs a patch test before your first treatment.

Book in today to keep your eyebrows professionally groomed.

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