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129. Suitcase Skin Series - The Great Outdoors

Make sure you look after your skin or it will suffer from a crazy days away. Use the 'less is more' rule to protect your skin with multi-tasking products that are compact for light packing, but full of effective ingredients. 

For skincare in the Great Outdoors, The best skin tip from Dermalogica:

'Don’t be tempted by cheap alcohol based wipes that leave skin drier than the raisin in your morning muesli. Get clean fresh skin with modern cleansing wipes that give all the convenience combined with healthy clean skin.'


Make sure you use a ph-balanced face wipe or tissue off cleanser to remove daily make-up and grime without access to water.

You can make these using a bamboo wipe and adding Dermalogica's Precleanse, which even remove waterproof make-up and they can be flat packed to fit into a backpack Ultra calming cleanser is so gentle it can be used around the eye area and disused off.


A tinted moisturiser with spf is a great two-in-one product to give your skin light coverage whilst dancing the day away.  I love TanCream because it's spf50, a self tan and bronzer in one!

When outdoors it is essential to also protect the skin against other elements to prevent sensitisation. Dermalogica's Stabilizing Repair Cream can be used all over the face to help protect the skin, apply a 5p sized amount and the velvety texture will melt into your skin.

Body Glide is the closest thing I've found to the revolutionary product climate control that's been discontinued, but it prevents inflammation and sensitisation. This barrier should be applied all over the face and lips to shield the skin from the wind and rain - a must have in your camping kit and sailing bag.


Once your epic weekend has come to an end it's important to help repair the skin through a specialised Recovery Facial and home care regime.

💧 Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and eat a healthy diet to help your body and skin recover.

🚑 The MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque is a wow product full of vitamins to feed and nourish the skin. This is my little ambulance in a tube. Thoroughly cleanse the skin, use a little Daily Milkfoliant and apply a 🫐 blueberry size amount of masque to help your skin restore and repair itself after being exposed to the elements.

If you'd like a personalised skincare prescription book a consultation with our expert 

Thank you for reading, if this was useful please 🩵 and if it could help someone in your network, please share.

Thank you ~ Diana x


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