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54. Travel Tuesday: Desert Island Beauty & Wellness - Part 4 Fitness Kit

Updated: Mar 21

If you've been following my blogs over the past few weeks, I've been talking about the eight beauty and wellness essentials I would bring with me to a desert island. Overall health incorporates skincare, fitness, diet and mental wellbeing.

So my fourth entry of this eight part Beauty & Wellness Series about what I would take with me if I was only allowed one item of fitness clothing.... a sports bra! Exercise increases your energy levels, boosts mental outlook, supports weight management and keeps you looking younger and healthier!

Photo taken by one of my running buddies - Amanda Mann - thank you!!

Hands up if you gained a little corona cushion earlier this year? I did, and the pounds just seemed to sneak on during lockdown with limited outdoor activity and perhaps the same or a little extra consumption of our vices. So, after having quite a shock that I could barely do my jeans up and thinking that the scales were lying about my 20 pound weight gain, I had a little word with myself!! My new post lockdown goal is to exercise for 30 minutes each day. A shorter amount of time was more manageable with all of the additional roles that we've had to take on with parenting, home schooling, cleaner, chef, mompreneur...oh the list goes on!

Research by the Mayo Clinic states, "As a general goal, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity everyday. If you want to lose weight, maintain weight loss or meet specific fitness goals, you may need to exercise more."

Studies show that to loose weight 60 - 90 minutes of activity daily is recommended to burn the initial extra calories. Not all of us are lucky enough to have that much extra time available each day to dedicate to fitness, so I find a target of 30 minutes daily is more manageable. I have also found a few tweaks in diet, no snacking and smaller portion sizes help the waistline too!

"Moderately strenuous exercise, about 30 minutes a day, can lead to enormous benefits in terms of your mood, health, weight and the ability to live an independent and fulfilling life. The exercise doesn't need to be athletic or difficult." stated Science Daily.

After exercise the skin naturally has a healthy glow to it because the circulation has been increased bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Boosting circulation aids the removal of toxins, brings nutrients to the skin, improves the skin's natural renewal rate and collagen production in the skin. All of these naturally give the skin a youthful glow.

Your skin works hard. Not only is it the largest organ in the body, but it defends against disease and infection, regulates your temperature and aids in vitamin production. -The Good Body

Just as exercise and and keeping fit helps keep the skin glowing, it is important to also look after the skin with a twice daily skincare regime. After exercising remember to cleanse the skin for sixty seconds to remove the sweat, salt and other toxins released onto the skin during your workout. This prevents spot causing bacteria from sitting on the skin for too long and causing breakouts. Applying a skin hydrating moisturiser then helps the skin to maintain its barrier function and keep that post workout glow all day long.

Whatever your cardio fitness activity, it is important to wear a supportive sports bra because the breast tissue can stretch with the constant bounce caused from running or other aerobic activity. I think Victoria's Secret make the best sports bras ever - I love the support they give and bright colours make me happy!

Wearing a sports bra while working out offers more than just great comfort, it also helps prevent irreversible damage that can lead to “sagging” breast tissue. ... When the breast is unsupported during activity, the weight of the tissue, coupled with the breast movement, causes the ligament to stretch. -GH Training

Regardless of the brand of sports bra, it's the support that is imperative to prevent damaged breast tissue. A good quality sports bra should fit snugly around the upper torso, hold the breasts in place, and prevent the breasts from bouncing during exercise. Did you know that 68% of women do not wear a sports bra during exercise? And that 8 out of 10 women who do wear a sports bra are either the wrong size or it needs to be replaced!! (Brooks Running statistics) I found these statistics shocking and a great reminder to look after our connective, fatty tissue and Cooper's ligaments aka breasts!

Let's all get out & enjoy the fresh air and that healthy glow - Bisous! 💋

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Jo Latchford
Jo Latchford
Sep 27, 2020

Yeah baby! Desert Island Disco, here we come... 🏝💃🏝💃🏝💃🧉


Diana Richardson
Diana Richardson
Sep 27, 2020

Can I come to your desert island?! 💃🏼 🎶


Jo Latchford
Jo Latchford
Sep 22, 2020

Funtastic photo D! 😀 So with thanks to Lauren Laverne (6 music), I would definitely be packing a Desert Island Disco as one of my top beauty and wellness essential... L💚VE a song and dance x 💃

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