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55. Travel Tuesday: Desert Island Beauty & Wellness - Part 5 Supplement

Updated: Mar 21

This is the fifth entry of the Beauty & Wellness series about what I would take with me if I was only allowed one item.

I started taking a daily collagen supplement after reading a blog about how it helps your skin. A collagen supplement didn't make sense to me at first because your skin produces collagen not the body, but I thought I would try it anyway... Anything to slow the ageing process right?!

'Your skin is made up of 75% collagen, but after the age of 25, collagen synthesis reduces at a rate of 1.5% a year and after the age of 45, your collagen levels may have fallen by as much as 30%', says Kathryn Danzey, Founder of Rejuvenated.

I started to research and read a bit more about the benefits for the skin by ingesting collagen. As the skin's collagen levels naturally decrease the skin starts to sag and become more lined. The visible affects of the breakdown of collagen don't just appear as wrinkles and fine lines, collagen also acts like a glue that helps bond the ligaments, joints and bones together. Our bodies can use all the help it can get from the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that degenerate as we age. By providing the body with a nutritional source of Type I Collagen it helps maintain the scaffolding of our body and boost the skin's natural plumpness.

Studies about supplements are a bit patchy, but there is a lot of positive information about taking a course of supplements for six weeks or longer. Nutrients absorbed into the bloodstream work much faster to feed the cells enabling 90-95% of the collagen peptides to reach the targeted areas in the body. This insert from Amino-collagen summarises the benefits that studies have proven.

"As the skin undergoes natural chronological aging, and is attacked through photoaging, the natural skin structure begins to deteriorate. Fortunately, lost body collagen stores can be effectively replaced through the right supplements. Supplemental collagen can increase strength around high movement areas of the skin where wrinkles form. Fortifying the skin's structure by eating collagen also results in the strengthening of pore walls, slowing down sagging skin and enlarged pores. The result is more youthful looking skin during aging."

This whole article explains the benefits of a collagen supplement on the body. The skin is the largest organ in the body and what we ingest helps to feed and nourish every aspect of the body. There isn't a supplement that can counterbalance a bad diet, but by feeding the body additional nutrients to gives the cells in the body a boost leaving visible results on the skin.

Amino-collagen states, 'taking collagen can decrease wrinkles by 13%'

Many desert islands are flush with fresh fruits and vegetables, so a supplement would help support a healthy and colourful diet. What supplement would you take with you to a desert island? The vitamin or supplement I would take to a desert island would be collagen capsules to help combat the signs of ageing caused by the sun.

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Diana Richardson
Diana Richardson
Oct 06, 2020

Great recommendations Jo! Thank you 🏝 💊 🏝


Jo Latchford
Jo Latchford
Oct 06, 2020

Oooh tough, I think I’d be ok for vitamins a and c potentially, so to avoid unwanted iron deficiency anaemia... My desert island vitamin/supplement would be iron or B12 (would need to research more, clearly but need to keep fighting fit!) 🏝 xx

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