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48. Travel Tuesday: Desert Island Beauty & Wellness- Skincare

Updated: Mar 21

A popular radio program in the UK called Desert Island Discs asks a variety of listeners what they would take to a Desert Island. If they were only allowed 8 records what would they pack?

A friend asked me what my beauty version would be. So here's the beginning of an eight part Beauty & Wellness series about what I would take with me if I was only allowed one item.

I'll start with skincare because that's the part of my industry I am most passionate about!

The best anti-aging product you can use on your skin is sun protection. It helps prevent wrinkles and pigmentation caused my exposure to ultra violet rays.

A sun protection factor 50 that is broad spectrum sunscreen protects the skin from both ultra violet a (ageing) and ultra violet b (burning) rays. I would also want one that is waterproof as I love to swim in the sea. My favourite is Dermalogica's Protection 50 Sport because it can be used on the face and body, and it protects the skin for 40 minutes whilst swimming.

It is important to remember to use a teaspoon of sunscreen on the face and the size of a shot glass on the body. To stay fully protected in direct sunlight, reapply every two hours.

Enjoy the sunshine safely, happy travels!

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