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3. Treatment Thursday - the top six natural beauty uses of coconut oil.

Updated: Mar 21

I had a message from a dear friend in Colorado saying she loves my Instagram feed and blog posts, Thank You Rachelle!

So I have a confession- I've been using coconut oil on my face as a moisturizer before bed... my face looks so much better in the morning it's amazing! Is that weird/bad? -RH, Broomfield, CO 

There are many benefits of coconut oil for your skin, body and health. The low molecular structure in coconut oil allows the product to penetrate deeper providing the skin with richer moisture levels. 

Coconut Oil has also been known to be used as: 

🥥 Face Cream 

🥥 Body Oil 

🥥 Makeup Remover 

🥥 Cuticle Cream 

🥥 Hair Conditioner

🥥 Massage Oil

Dr Axe states, a recent study found that 46 percent of patients with a chronic skin disease who used coconut oil had an excellent response in treating their condition

If you choose to use coconut oil in your beauty regime please make sure it is a pure product. Look for labels such as certified organic, raw or virgin coconut oil. 

Babble states, You don’t want to use any coconut oil that has been extracted with heat or refined in any way because that strips the oil of its powerful antioxidants and healing properties.

The subtle scent and quickly absorbed consistency make this coconut oil a staple in many beauty baskets! 

Multiple Award Winning Advanced Aesthetician Diana Jenner is formulating and creating her own natural skincare range. Follow her on social media @AurumDiana for the Golden Rules of Skincare.

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