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5. What to bring on a photoshoot

Updated: Mar 21

My Aunt and I had the honor of joining Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) in the Photoshoot for their 2017-2018 campaign. It is my favourite charity as it helps lift women up when they're at their rock bottom. It is empowering women to feel better about themselves when they're fighting a tough battle and part of their womanhood is being stripped away. 

LGFB host makeup masterclasses and workshops around the world teaching women how to apply makeup to enhance their features and create eyebrows and a lashline when their hair is falling out and their skin is sallow from chemotherapy. 

Speaking to photographer friend, Amanda Mann, I was advised to wear all one colour such as black or white as it shows up best on camera. It is important to wear a strong base, heavier eye makeup and a bright lipstick so that your features stand out in photos. Photographic makeup needs to be more dramatic as the lighting is a lot stronger than natural daylight. 

Wear a smile, bring enthusiasm and an open mind! Enjoy the moment and create a memory! 

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