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139. Suitcase Skin Series - High Five for Bright Eyes

Updated: May 7

The skin around the eye area is 10 times thinner than the skin on the rest of our face. This makes it the body’s must delicate area and needs to be treated with specially formulated products.

The eyes work tirelessly all day aiding every expression our face makes. They even move whilst we sleep!

“Premature ageing around the eyes can add up to 20 years to a persons perceived age” - International Dermal Institute

This delicate area is under constant strain from computer screens and can show early signs of ageing, puffiness, and fatigue. Specialised formulas help to address all the common conditions such as puffiness, wrinkles, and dryness.

Five treatments for naturally bigger and brighter eyes for your next trip

🤩 Lash Serum

An eyelash serum stimulates the natural lash and nourishes the with ingredients such as panthenol and sweet almond oil. Apply the serum once a day along the upper lash line like a liquid eyeliner. Results start to show after 2 weeks and by 12 weeks the lashes can doubled in length. Revitalash is one of my favourite because it was developed by a ... and it's great for event the most sensitive eyes. I've been recommended by a client UK Lash so I'm currently trialling this, it usually takes 2-3 months to see results, so the verdict is still out. It is half the price of RevitaLash so we'll see if the ingredients produce the same results.

🤩 Eyelash tint

An eyelash tinting darkens the natural lashes and makes them appear longer because it colours the naturally lighter tips of the lashes. An allergy tint test needs to be performed 24-48 hours before your first treatment. To maintain darker lashes regularly have them tinted every 4-6 weeks. 

🤩 Eyelash perm

An eyelash perm creates a lash lift with a semipermanent curl in the upper lashes to open the eyes. It is performed like a mini hair perm with a curler, perming gel, and neutralizer. Results last up to 3 months. Boost results with an eyelash tint to enhance the volume.

🤩 Eye cream

The eye area is very delicate and eye cream is formulated with a smaller molecular structure to penetrate the thin tissue. It moisturizes, brightens, reduces fine lines and repairs the eye area.

Eye cream should be applied morning and night. Dermalogica have some great serums & eye care products. There’s a new one launching next month that looks amazing!! Two of my current favourites to hydrate, firm and de-puff are Stress Positive Eye Lift and Awaken Peptide Eye Gel.

🤩 Under eye patches -

Under eye silicone strips help to hydrate and brighten, reduce puffiness and fine lines. These anti-aging power house pads are a must for every woman's bag of beauty tricks, and are particularly useful when the eyes are screaming SOS!

There are some great products on the market. On of my favourites are To Go Spa EYES because they’re travel friendly collagen masques that brighten, hydrate, and de-puff eyes in 20 minutes! They are flat packed in a use once foil wrapper to keep the pads moist and ready to work their bright eyes magic. 

The gelatine pads come in five varieties packed with nutrients to nourish and hydrate the delicate eye tissues and sit comfortably under the eyes.  

 If you'd like a personalised skincare prescription book a consultation with our expert 

Thank you for reading, if this was useful please 🩵 and if it could help someone in your network, please share.

Thank you ~ Diana x

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